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Local and long distance Household & Business moving in Columbia, MO

We've built our reputation on excellence in household and business moving across town or to a new city or country. Whether it's your family, your cherished household items, or your business, our principles have remained the same throughout the years - careful, dependable, and trustworthy.   In your search for household moving companies, especially long distance moving, we have been family owned and operated for over 55 years in Mid-Missouri.

The difference is experience.  Moving valuable and delicate items, such as a treasured piano, is our specialty.  No matter what you have to move, we are glad to come take a look and let you know exactly how we are going to handle your treasures and collectibles.

We can receive your products, store them, then deliver to a loading dock or make inside deliveries to an office, worksite or residence. Whatever your storage requirements, temporary or long-term, we will customize a plan that works for you and ensures safety and protection for your valuables and investments.

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